Reeder is a google reader client. Reeder ensures you to close that Google Reader tab which is constantly open in the browser. That is pretty useful for someone who depends on Google Reader on a daily basis. Reeder for Mac may not appeal to everyone. Regardless of how it looks, Reeder for Mac is the best thing that happened to RSS workflow. The combination of gestures and useful keyboard shortcuts, the ingenious design and attention to detail, the powerful feature set, they all contribute to the lighting quick,solid, reliable and beatiful Reeder Google Reader client.

Reeder for Mac supports many online services (e.g. Instapaper, Zootol and Pinboard) and actions to easily share and open links in your browser. Shortcuts can be created by the user and the built-in keyboard actions for navigating between feeds can be changed. For the keyboard lover, Reeder for Mac is a dream come true. Feel free to try Reeder for Mac now, as it will enchance your internet RSS news reading capabilities and time.

Reeder for Mac can be downloaded below. Reeder for Mac is a free mac app to download. After contentment, the publishers would enjoy a purchase.


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