Djay for Mac seamlessly integrtes with your iTunes library and transforms your Mac into a full-blown DJ system. The ease-of-use and powerful mixing features make it ideal for beginners as well as seasoned pros. It plays from your iTunes library within milliseconds and the mixing is up in even less. It offers full audio adjustments in the fields of Speed change, revers, time stretching and so in. Djay is the most easy DJ tool for your mac.

DJay Key Features
Seamless iTunes integration
Easy-to-use drag and drop interface
Automix, BPM-sync and automatic tempo and beat detection
Auto-Gain: adjusts the volume for both songs to the same level
Record mixes for podcasts, photo slide shows and mixtapes
Previewing songs through headphones (USB audio interface)
Audio Effects: Speed Change, Reverse, Time-Stretching, Pitch-Shifting, Echo, Reverb, Audio Units, and more
Live Microphone with pitch and echo effect
Export history of played songs as iTunes playlist or PDF
MIDI Learn
Support for external audio interfaces and controllers (MIDI, USB, Firewire)
Supports all major audio formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, Audio-CD and songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store

Feel free to try DJay below or purchase the full copy.
Download here 4.0.5
Buy Full here

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