Coda is a Web Editor that puts everything in one place, Terminal, CSS, Files etc. Coda 2 goes beyond expectations with loads of new requested features, surprises and a refreshed UI.
Coda supports developing in ASP, Action Script, ASP, CFML, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python Ruby, SQL and Smarty. It has fully customizable support for syntax coloring, auto completing, line numbering, block editing and code validation tool tips. It comes with a graphic CSS editor and has a splitscreen split file support.

New in Version 2.0

Since 2007 has been growing a lot and is now a major Web Editor for mac. But what is new in version 2.0? What has been made better and more advanced?

  • User Interface
  • Text Editing
  • File Management
  • Clips
  • Sites
  • Design
  • MySQL

Feel free to try download free mac app Coda below or purchase it from the website.
Download here 2.0
Buy Full here

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