Batman Arkham Asylum

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Originally released in 2009, Feral Interactive developed the game for OS X last year. The game received almost universal praise when it was reviewed for the major consoles and for Windows, but does the Mac version successfully replicate the original’s success?

Arkham Asylum eases you into the gameplay, letting you handle a couple of goons right after The Joker escapes custody. On the computer, the controls are split between the keyboard for movement plus a few actions such as combos (more on that later), and the mouse for shifting your view, attacking, and throwing. I spent about half of the game using this default setup before getting frustrated with it and pairing a PS3 controller to my laptop. This game was originally designed for consoles, and having a controller to play it made it much more enjoyable. I wouldn’t say that the frustration of using the mouse and keyboard were enough to ruin the game for me, but if you have a PS3 controller, I would highly recommend using it.

Arkham Asylum is billed as an Action-Adventure game, so it isn’t designed for you to run around firing guns indiscriminately at bad guys – after all, Batman doesn’t use guns. In the early stages of the game, you can certainly just run into rooms and start using all that martial arts ability to incapacitate your enemies, but as the game progresses, you’ll find that this isn’t a feasible option.

Download Batman Arkham Asylum for free

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