Airserver is a powerful mac application that allows you to stream or mirror your iOS device, let it be an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, to your Mac. If your computer is connected to a secondary or alternate display for example an HDTV or projector, it will use that display. If it allows mirroring then you can display your device in fullscreen on the big screen. No other app will let you seamlessly stream video, photos audio and slideshows to your Mac or iOs device. Airserver is the market leader which gives you more features for less money, and keeps being improved.

Included in the latest release | From
In this release, AirServer for Mac has been enhanced specifically for gaming. The picture is crisper, the aspect ratio can be changed to suit your taste, and you can now Mirror multiple iOS devices simultaneously in multiplayer split-screen mode. This means that if you have two iPhones in the room running Temple Run you can turn this into temple race on the big screen. A classroom full of Fruit Ninjas becomes that Bruce Lee fight scene in The Fist of Fury. And with over 30,000 iOS games running on tens of millions devices the possibilities with AirServer are endless.

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  1. I simply love this app it provides me with great abilty, as I show some of my ipad 3 gardening videos on the big screen to my customers. It boosts my customer amount!


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